We are a small collective of bloggers and citizen journalists dedicated to the open and free exchange of ideas.

Our in-house authors:

Citizen journalism refers to the reporting of news events by members of the public using the Internet to spread the information.

— Techopedia

Our Mission

We aim to help people become better informed through interesting articles, shockingly bad takes, and random thoughts.  Although we will sometimes employ snark and sarcasm to make our points we aim to stick to the facts as much as possible. We believe in honesty, science, research, and fact-checking. 

Debate is important, trolling, concern trolling, and name calling are not. We will engage in a good faith manner and ask the same in return.

If you discover an error that we have made please reach out and we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible. 

Our core beliefs are as follow (but are subject to change):

  • Honesty and transparency in government and business are vital.
  • A free and open press is a necessary part of democracy. 
  • Science, while not perfect, is still the best system for obtaining knowledge that we have.
  • Skepticism is a good approach to life. Sufficient evidence should change our minds.
  • Fascists and racists are bad.
  • Freedom of expression is an important right but it goes both ways.
  • Everyone is hypocritical some of the time (including ourselves) but that is no excuse to ignore hypocrisy
  • It is as an objective fact that Deadpool is the best superhero film